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June 2006 Meeting

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RMS April meeting:

Enjoy world class animation presented through the special lens of “fact or fiction?”
From an exclusive and eclectic collection of animations from the international SIGGRAPH 2005 Animation Theater - Rocky Mountain SIGGRAPH Vice President David Ball guides attendees through an edited look at Festival highlights - based on the theme: “Fact or Fiction?” Through this lens, see how animation - as a servant of storytelling may be entirely fantastic and invented or may be measurably precise and based on fact. Animation is becoming more omnipresent in our visually complex culture and serves a wide variety of purposes for diverse audiences globally. The animations chosen for the Siggraph 2005 Animation Theater were culled from several hundred entries from around the world - from individuals, universities, government agencies and major movie studios.
Evening animations will include work from France, Germany, UK, Australia, USA, Canadam Japan, Switzerland
David Ball is a graphic designer and fine artist with degrees in fine art and 20 years experience in the field of visual communications. A member of Rocky Mountain Siggraph since it began several years ago. David is an adjunct professor at CTU and is self employed - one of his recent projects is a new identity and website for Manitou Springs Public Library.

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RMS Members participated in a variety ways. Find out about Boston 2006.

Siggraph June Meeting - Dino & Monika give away 05 Posters and T-Shirts

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May 2005: Academy Award Winner Bill Bishop ~ 7:00pm
Siggraph's "The History of Computer Graphics" - 8:00pm

February 2005: SIGGRAPH 2004 - Animation Highlights

January 2005: Bring your Own Work Night

November 2004: "SketchUp" from Boulder

September 2004: SIGGRAPH 2004 - Electronic Theater Highlights

June 2004: A Digital Salon - Multimedia Evening

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Los Angeles 2005 - 2005 Conference - Photo Essay - David Ball (1.8mb .pdf)

Los Angeles 2005 - 2005 Conference - Text Essay - David Ball (52kb .pdf)

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